How to support boards in place to ensure a reliable printing process?
In order to get perfect printing results, stencils and boards must be well aligned in position with perfect support. Some products might require special support to enable a good gasgating between the stencil and the board. For example, large or thin boards must be supported and fixed securely to prevent any bending of the board during the printing process.
DEK Grid-Lok provides a highly flexible, fully integrated software controlled board support solution for the printing process, by allowing various versions of DEK Grid-Lok modules to be combined. Since models with different pin pitches and heights are available, boards with very large components can be supported.
DEK Grid-Lok does not depend on the line controller, can be used in any machine and it does not require any set up changes since it adjusts automatically to the geometry of each board.
Key Benefits:
  • Automatic adaption to the board topology
  • Reduces component damage
  • Eliminates error prone manual operating steps
  • Ensures stable and reliable printing process
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