Touchless Placement
Especially in submodules and smartphone applications, components are getting smaller and more fragile. As a consequence, even comparatively low placement forces can damage them or, due to a distortion of the solder pad, lead to malfunctions. The new, innovative ASM solutions: Touchless Placement.
Touchless Placement will be available with the next SIPLACE Pro release (version 14.1), for SIPLACE SpeedStar placement heads. Programming of the process is done per component with the SIPLACE Pro Shape Editor. Three measurement points are defined in SIPLACE Pro Board Editor for the component in order to calculate a control area or level curve. Using the measurement points and the height of the component, a point on the z-axis can be calculated at which the component will, only a mere few µm above the solder pad, be dispensed from the nozzle and thereby be placed with 0 Newton placement force. The entire process including control measurement is considered within all SIPLACE Optimizer calculations.